In 1947, Saab, a Swedish fighter jet manufacturing company has diverted to the automobile field. The basic concept of the SAAB cars comes out from the same safety and body styling of the aircraft. Fundamentally the Saab is built around the driver. This is the principle that really should apply to all cars, and the Saab is adhering to this principle ever since their very first car.

It is a car quiet unlike any other vehicle of its segment. It embodies the accumulated experience from decades of aircraft design and manufacture. The aerodynamic and the monocoque body is just like an aircraft. Equally unusual it has the combination of front wheel drive transverse engine installation in a robust safety cage. All Saab models host an innovative design to enhance safety and driving control. This will elevate the driving standard and can find the new heights of enjoyment.

Saab basically features 2 models. Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3 .


A. SAAB 9-5

The new Saab 9-5 sedan is a synthesis of performance and safety. The new Sentronic Transmission allows you to drive automatic and manual mode with manual gear shift on steering wheel. The stiff chassis and well-balanced suspension are tuned to offer excellent comfort road holding and stability. You can choose from 3 Saab 9-5 Forms each with its own identity and special feel to match your unique taste and personality

9-5 Linear: This is strict and functional vehicle and has 4 cylinders, 2 litre Light Pressure Turbo Engine that delivers 185Hp.

9-5 Arc: It has more of understated Classic Comfort with 4 cylinders, 2.3 litre Light Pressure Turbo Engine. It delivers 220Hp . 

9-5 Aero: This will bring the ultimate sporty experience of the 9-5 range. This 4 cylinders Full Turbo Engine delivers 260Hp

Saab 9-5 also features a New Station Wagon:

It has all the driving and safety appeal of the Sedan, with more space. It is the ideal car for an active leisure life. The flexible cargo space can be split into sections with the help of a cargo guard and cargo space divider. 

The Cargo Tracks embedded in the floor will hold your luggage more safely in place. There is an optional sliding load floor to make loading and unloading even easier.

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B. SAAB 9.3

9-3 Saab Sport Sedan

The all new 9-3 Sport Sedan is an all-new model tailored with novel features. With the new SENTRONIC transmission you can enjoy the driving pleasure on both manual and automatic modes. Three different 9-3 Saab variants are such as Linear, Vector and Aero are available to suit the various tastes with three different engines:

1.8t Linear that delivers 175 HP, 2.0T Vector that delivers 210 HP and top of the range Aero model 2.8 V6 Turbo engine which delivers 255 HP.

9-3 Saab Sport combi

With the 9-3 SportCombi Saab is targeting loyalists looking for a 9-3 with extra cargo carrying capacity. With its rear seats folded down, the 9-3 SportCombi delivers, offering 73 cubic feet of cargo space, perfect for hauling sports equipment. And with the sport-tuned Aero model, the 9-3 SportCombi is an impressive performer on a favorite back road. 

New 9-3 Sport Sedan is an all new model tailored with novel features. With the new SENTRONIC transmission which controls steering, you can enjoy the driving pleasure on both manual and automatic modes. It builds even further on the car that Euro NCAP gave one of the highest scores ever recorded.  Four different forms, Linear, Arc, Vector and Aero are available.


9-3 Saab Convertible

The new 9-3 Convertible is designed to radiate driving fun. 9-3 convertible offers the versatility and convenience harmonized in a unique open top car. The new fit and flush look creates a premium look and solid impression of quality.   It builds even further on the car that Euro NCAP gave one of the highest scores ever recorded.   

With the new SENTRONIC transmission, you can enjoy the driving pleasure on both manual and automatic modes. The advanced technology of the new soft top has real positive impact in increasing the sound insulation. Four different forms, Linear, Arc, Vector and Aero are available. The power is generated from 2.0 litre turbocharged 16 valve, 4 cylinder engine that produce 175 HP.

The 9-3 models have wide verity of specifications varying from Light alloy Wheels, ABS, Saab Active Head Restraints, Air Bags, Electrically adjusted front seats, Automatic Climatic Control, Trip Computer etc. depending on various forms of 9-3

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C. Accessories that make your Saab Unique

When you fit an accessory in Saab it becomes part of your car. It will thus  affect your car's performance and driving comfort. An accessory should not impair any of the car's original properties. On the contrary it should reinforce them. Saab accessories meet the right quality and safety standards. It is the sort of peace of mind that you can't take for granted with a fake one.
A large variety of accessories are available for the Exterior Styling, Interior styling, For audio and communication, Safety and Security, touring, etc.

D. Saab Hirsch

For years Hirsch was developing individual solutions that project the Swedish original into a class of its own. A great driving experience means more than just a great engine performance. Tuning by Hirsh performance has a focus on safety and aesthetics of the refined Saab automobiles. This quest for perfection is pursued through a large range of accessory parts developed exclusively for these models.

Mannai Motors Auto Division offers a very special and personalized services for their New and Used Saab Customers to mention a few:

A- Finance for New and Used Cars : We arrange finance for new and used   Saab car sales through major reputable commercial banks.

B-Insurance: We arrange accidents and repair Insurance policies at very attractive rates through reputable leading insurance companies.

C-Trade-in: We can offer our best offer to buy used Saab cars and give an estimate in no time in exchange for new Saab. Our experienced staff will advise how to save if a Customer likes to buy new or used Saab.

D- Leasing: We can provide brand new Saab Cars at most attractive rate for long term lease. Experience the tension free driving, as you have to just fill in the fuel and that's it. Maintenance, warranty, Insurance, Registration and resale value is on our account.

E-Roadside Assistance: Is provided 24 hours 365 days for all new cars for period of 48 months from the date of purchase in Model year 2007. You will be benefited by the immediate response of Saab team for Minor repairs or towing out in emergency situations. 

F –Guaranteed buy back: Guaranteed buy back will assure the price of the car after the years to come. 

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